Galaxy Photoz – The Uber of Photography

“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future”

Sally Mann

I think it’s safe to say that me being neurotic about photos would be a gross understatement – heavy emphasis on both “gross” and “understatement”. And when the time eventually comes where I’ll have to book a photographer for some of life’s major milestones… I can’t even imagine, nor do I want to, the amount of stress & annoyance I will inevitably place upon both myself & those nearest & dearest to my heart. Looking for a photographer within your budget, taste & availability is HARD, so when I was approached by Leanne Ferguson, founder of the new Canadian based, photography app Galaxy Photoz Inc to collaborate, I knew that I immediately had to accept! Why? Because the service that this particular app provides will literally save my future self & the poor souls that will have to deal with me, a whole HECK of a lot of grief!

Why I’m Totally Loving Galaxy Photoz

SO… before we begin ogling over all of the absolutely lovely photography, we obviously have to engage in a little “detail breakdown situation”. AKA what exactly is Galaxy Photoz anyways?! To put it simple, it’s essentially like Uber but for photographers, where potential clients (YOU) sign up for the photography app & input the date, time & select the desired photography session. You’ll then be instantaneously matched with a seasoned & vetted photographer in your area that will travel to YOU – & the endless amount of hours spent anxiously pouring over various websites/reviews/social media pages & worrying about photographer availability will simply cease to exist. Sounds like pure bliss, no?

Not to mention… quite possibly the BEST perk of all? You can hire a photographer for SAME DAY SERVICE. I mean, that is essentially unheard of! We’re talking professional photographers on demand, specializing in 9 categories: Maternity, Newborn, Cake Smash, Headshots, Engagements, Wedding, Events, Model Portfolio & Portraits. Side Note: I can honestly say that I’ve never required a photographer for a same day impromptu photoshoot… but now that I have the option, ahhhhh what the heck. YOLO right?

Galaxy Photoz stands behind their photography… so if you’re not 100% satisfied with your photos, they’ll send another photographer to redo your non-event photoshoot completely free of charge. Not that you’ll likely require it, I mean how is the work from these Galaxy Photoz approved photographers?

I’m sorry – but this is adorable. I honestly have never heard of a cake smash ever in my life, nor do I understand the origin of it, but I can officially say that all of my future children are partaking in said cake smash photography session. SO CUTE.

What I love most about this movement, is that it helps protect both the photographers & the consumer. With social media being what it is today, essentially a living, breathing entity all on its very own, literally any joe blow with a DLSR camera & a few thousand followers on Instagram, can market themselves through social media & charge for their “services”- taking potential work away from highly trained, skilled photographers & totally ripping the consumer off! No, thanks! BUT this ap heavily vets it’s photographers – so you’ll only be getting the pros here, folks… Win, win situation for everyone involved!

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