Getting Your Condo Spring Ready

“It’s Spring! We are so excited, we wet our plants”


Now that the shackles of wedding planning have released me from their relentess clutches, I can finally get back blogging on the regular!!! Yay. I WILL be sharing a Wedding Recap on the blog soon – just waiting to get ALL of the wedding photos back! In the meantime… read this one!

Spring has ** kind of?? ** sprung & although I DO love winter, I must say that I’m looking forward to warmer weather. So to celebrate a brand new season I’m sharing a few of my favourite tips to get your condo (or home) ready for Spring! Enjoy!

Five Tips For Getting Your Condo Spring Ready

1. Blooms, blooms, blooms

Yes, friends. I dragged you all the way to my blog just to inform you that adding fresh flowers to your home will make it feel more “Spring-like”. I know… I’m really revolutionizing the lifestyle blogging industry with this hot tip. Someone call Better Home & Gardens, they’ve found their new content contributer. ** me **

But in all seriousness, fresh flowers truly do breathe new life into your home – I’m particularly a fan of white garden roses & in true basic betch form – peonies; especially the pink ones!

 PS. Michaels is having a FANTASTIC sale on all things Easter goodies atm – 40% off everything! I couldn’t resist purchasing this little guy below! His name is Huck & I love him.

Hot Tip: My grandma recently gave me the BEST – & simplest – tip for making your blooms last longer. Every other day, change out the vase water & trim the stems of your flowers – this helps clear out bacteria & allows the flowers better access to the water, keeping them fresh for a good 2-3 weeks!

2. Lighten Up Your Linens 

Our pillows & linens change with the season & spring is NO exception. Swap out your chunky, heavier knits & throws for lighter linens… you’d be surprised with how much of a difference this makes! I recently traded in my burnt orange & flannel throws for my grey & white ones. Our space has transformed from a cozy, winter lair into a lighter, airier spring oasis.

PLUS – linens practically take up ZERO space which is perfect for all of you fellow condo dwellers out there.

3. Marie Kondo the crap out of your space

As an angsty teen/young adult, Marie Kondo would have truly been my arch nemesis. Anyone who’s known me for one decade plus can surely attest to my less than tidy tendencies. My university roommates nicknamed my room “The Abyss” – you can draw your own conclusions.

However now that I am a mature, married adult woman with priorities, Marie Kondo is a life-changing Idol. If you HAVEN’T heard of Kondo, she is an organizational MAVEN who stars on Netflix’s Tidying Up. Her show takes “Spring Cleaning” to a whole new level! I’ve seriously never purged or de-cluttered more – I even busted out a freakin’ LABEL MAKER for our spice rack. Angsty teen/young adult “me” would be horrified & appalled.

Anywho – I’m essentially telling you to watch her show, & then apply her tips & tricks to your own space. I promise your home will feel “happier”.

4. Kitchen Towels & Cloths

Kitchen towels are another VERY simple way to welcome Spring into your home! Similar to throws & pillows, our kitchen towels also change with the seasons. Andrei’s mom gifted us with these ultra cute blue & white gingham kitchen towels…. they are adorable & ooze all things Spring. LOVE!

5. Move Things Around

I recently became SO bored of our living room… but a quick shuffle of a couple of items (literally moved our wooden blanket holder from one side of the room to the other, & a candle holder to the floor) & the space felt “fresh” again.

Re-arranging what you already have in your home is a “feel-good” alternative for home improvement… without all of the buyer’s remorse 😉 PLUS you get to feel all clever & creative.

Take a step back & look at your space. Small changes can make a BIG impact!



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