Girl Code: Support Each Other!!

“I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success”

Gloria Vanderbilt

Seeing as February is all about exploring our passions, I thought that today I would share one of my biggest, all-time passions of life… supporting other women!! 

Uplift Always

Forewarning: If you’re expecting this really long-winded, beautifully metaphorical piece outlining exactly why I feel so strongly about the subject… then please don’t! Because I simply do not have one :P. Truth be told, I’m not really sure why I’ve developed this passion for supporting women. Sometimes I think that it’s simply plain ol’ common sense, I mean why wouldn’t you want to support somebody else’s dream?! Duh, to me that’s an absolute no brainer.

However when I initially got into the whole “social media” bizness, I was completely disheartened by how incredibly selfish & self-centered some people are!! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of really wonderful people that I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with via Instagram… namely this incredible group of Toronto, female food bloggers!! BUT, it’s also a very “out for yourself” type of industry that fosters personal gain over developing “real”, meaningful or supportive connections.

This kind of self-serving culture was actually one of the main reasons I implemented the Interview Series Monthly Meatless Meals on the blog!! I wanted to celebrate & showcase the talents of hard-working women…. plus an entire website dedicated to me would just be plain boring! LOL, I kid.

I want this blog to be a space that promotes positive connections between women because like it or not, we live in a culture where comparisons, competition & individual gain have become the primary foundation of our workplace. At times, we get so caught up in comparing our careers/love lives/looks to other women that we forget to focus on our own lives & how we can make it the best life possible. So instead of throwing some serious side eye next time “that girl” uploads a killer photo talking about her amazing career… respect her, “like” the photo & go on with your bad self! 😉

3 Simple Ways to Support Your Female Cohorts 

1. Ask questions – Everyone loves to talk about themselves… it’s just in our nature & I am TOTALLY guilty of this. However it’s good to take a step back & actually ask your friends meaningful questions about their career. It’s likely an incredibly important part of their lives & where they spend a majority of the day working really hard!

2. “Like” their accomplishments – You just got a promotion?! YAAAS girl, I am “liking” that status/Instagram pic/Tweet/whatever social media platform you choose to announce your amazingness on. If you’re feeling a twinge of jealousy when someone does post about their fantabulous career, first off that’s totally NORMAL but try & turn that into motivation, acknowledge how hard they must have worked to get there & start focusing on how you can better yourself. There’s room for all of us at the top my friends!

 3. Give authentic compliments – Okay this I actually learned from my amazing mommy! You know those times when you’re thinking about how amazing your friend looks or how awesome they’re doing in their careers… but you never actually say anything?! Well you should TELL them about it! I’m not saying to dish out compliments simply for the sake of “trying to be nice“, but when you’re thinking something positive about your friend, you should tell them! I guarantee it will brighten their day.

How are you going to support your fellow, fabulous females?!



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