How To: Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious

“Your future depends on your dreams… so go to sleep!”

Mesut Barazany

I’m totally one of those humans that absolutely requires 8 hours of sleep in order to be a fully functioning & contributing member of society… & don’t even think about talking to me unless I’ve fully consumed my morning cup of joe. In order for me to feel well-rested (which as an admitted troubled sleeper is much easier said than done), I need to feel like my bedroom is a space that both feels luxurious & promotes a state of relaxation. Below are a few of my favourite ways to help increase the “fancy factor” of my sleep space.

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious 


Your bedroom should be reserved for sleep & sleep only, meaning that television, computers, & work/homework are positively forebidden! If we bring these outside distractions into our bedroom, we begin to associate what is supposed to be a relaxing space with stress & anxiety! Not to mention, the light emitted from television will actually negatively affect the release of our sleep hormones!! NO BUENO! Your bedroom should instead be a space that reflects tranquility & luxury… & here’ s 5 ways to achieve that!

1. Get One of these Uber Cuter Life Candy Sleep Masks 

How freaking CUTE are these satin, Life Candy sleep masks?! Spoiler Alert: literally everyone I know is getting one of these bad boys for Christmas, I’m so obsessed! The cotton interior of the mask completely blocks out any light, creating a complete state of darkness which induces the production of our sleep hormone melatonin. Ps. Each mask also comes with a set of earplugs… which, bonus points for those of you that have a snoring sleeping partner!!!!

2. Invest in a Salt Lamp

Not only are Himalayan Salt Lamps particularly beautiful decor wise, they’re incredibly beneficial in the health & wellness department too. Himalayan Salt Lamps generate negative ions which help to purify the air, reduce stress & promote relaxation. These lamps purify the air through hydroscopy; meaning that the salt atrracts & absorbs water molecules (& anything in it – ie. dust etc) from the environment, the heat generated from the light then causes the water molecules to evaporate, whilst simultaesouly containing the particules of dust, pollen etc inside the salt.

3. Spritz Your Pillows with Lavender Essential Oils 

This is one of my favourite bedroom/sleep tips!!! Scented linen feels super luxurious to me… like I’m almost on some sort of perma vacation or something!! However, during your “scent selection” process, you want to make sure that you’re investing in something that is both non-toxic & natural; AKA NOT loaded with a concoction of chemicals! Insert: Lavender Essential Oils! This particular essential oil promotes relxation & healthy sleep habits – simply sprits some lavender essential oils onto your pillow prior to sleep & let all of the magic happen.

4. Decorate Your Space with Soothing Colours

In case it wasn’t already obvious from my extremely uniform Instagram palette, I’m very drawn to neutral colours – particularly creams & whites! I find these colours to be extremely serene, tranquil & soothing. Colours absolutely have the ability to trigger certain states of emotion & you want your bedroom to illicit a natural response of relaxation from within; think of redecorating with light blues, creams, greys… essentially anything that feels soft or zen.

5. Add Fresh Flowers & Greenery 

I’m obsessed with having fresh flowers or greenery in the bedroom! I personally feel like greenery totally gives life to any space in a home & makes for an instant mood booster! Our bodies take in oxygen & expel carbon dioxide when we breathe, while plants do the exact opposite – absorbing carbon dioxide & releasing oxygen… which makes for a pretty compatible partnership if I do say so myself!!! Try adding plants like orchids or succulents to your sleep space to breathe easy during your slumber! Not to mention, they’re pretty darn cute to boot!

How do you make your bedroom feel luxurious?!



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  1. Kirsten November 16, 2016 at 2:05 am - Reply

    Love, love this post since it is one of my biggest challenges, sleep! Thank you!

    I loveeeee ear plugs (yes my hubby is a loud sleeper), I love the masks too, but they tend to fall off in the middle of night. I love reading until my eyes get tired or listening to church or country music on a timer, but my favourite new tip is white noise, it has been a life saver!!

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