Napping 101- Get Your Beauty Sleep!!

“Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year olds”

JoJo Jenson

Happy World Sleep Day everyone!! Who knew that was even a thing?! These days it seems as though there is literally a “day” for everything, however because sleep is oh so integral to our overall health & well-being – not to mention sleep in general is just AH-mazing… I’m totally okay with this one! So to help celebrate World Sleep Day, I’ve teamed up with Casper to share some of our foolproof tips to achieve the perfect nap!

Brit’s Tips: 

Truth be told, I haven’t always been the best sleeper! Back in the day, sleepless nights & exhausting days were my jam. However, this all changed when I began taking care of myself, developing proper sleep habits & eating well!! So when I’m in the mood to sneak in a really good nap, this is typically how I do it:

  1. Nap in a space that’s calming & relaxing (like your bedroom): I try my best to completely ban television, computers, work/homework from my bedroom! If I begin to bring these outside distractions into my “sleep space“, I begin to associate it with stress & anxiety, often making it difficult to actually fall asleep. Create a space where you can easily relax & unwind.
  2. Read: There is nothing more that get’s me in the mood for a really good snooze quite like a book does… seriously a couple of chapters in & I’m out like a light! I always keep a book by my bedside table to help clear my brain & de-stress prior to napping.
  3. Background Noise: Okay so this one is a bit more personal & I totally get it if this tip simply doesn’t work for you! I enjoy having a lulling background noise to help soothe me to sleep [ie. a fan or soft music]. To me, this is completely calming! Not to mention, the fan keeps my bedroom at a slightly cooler temperature which I totally prefer during sleep hours! Hot, sweaty nights?! No thank-you! I prefer being bundled & cozy, but not overly warm. Casper actually uses a latex foam material for their mattresses that allows you to keep cool throughout the night.

Casper’s Tips: 

Casper is an award-winning sleep startup that has perfected the mattress, sheets & pillow by combining outrageous comfort with innovated sleep researchAKA they probably know a thing or two in the napping department!! So here are some of their favourite napping tips & tricks!

Casper_napping101_LRG (1)

What are some of your favourite napping scerets?!



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