Picture Passion: IG Like a Blogger

“A camera is a save button for the minds eye”

Roger Kingston

Since its conception, Instagram has spawned an entire generation of iPhone-wielding, amateur “photographers”… myself TOTALLY included! I never knew that I had this insane obsession for photos until I actually jumped on the Instagram bandwagon about two years ago! Since then I’ve become completely addicted… taking upwards of 50 “identical” photos to achieve a perfect shot for the blog is NOT uncommon for me! Some of the most frequented questions I’ve gotten since becoming an “Insta-holic“either involve filters or how I take my photos! So today, I’m sharing a few quick tips & tricks so that you can IG like a blogger!

Basic Guidelines:

Before we delve into specifics, here’s my one, totally foolproof rule for the most perfect Instagram account: VARIETY = KEY.  Switch up your photos with scenery, selfies, animals, group photos, food etc. Variety guarantees that your posts remain fresh & captivating!

Lighting: cloudy days are SO ideal for the best lighting… thanks to my cousin, Jess for this fabulous tip! Cloudy days = crisp, clear pictures with vibrant colours. If it IS sunny out, find some shade (ie tree or behind a building). Outdoor photos are simply always going to be better! I almost never use an indoor, night photo because they always turn out grainy, blurry and the lighting is just no bueno. IF you’re indoors during the day, use the natural lighting in your house!

Filters: don’t use em! Seriously! One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do you get such vibrant colours in your photos”#Nofilter friends! To be completely honest, I’m not really a fan of any Instagram filters, I think that they totally ruin a perfectly good photo!!! Instead, opt for the “tools” section & play around with the brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights etc.

photo 1 (2)

Nature is SO beautiful to begin with! So try not to add such a harsh filter! I typically just brighten a bit & add warmth or contrast!

photo (2)

photo (3) 

When I DO use a filter, it’s typically one of the “colour filters” under the “tools” section. These are two examples where I’ve used the colour filters:

photo 1

I used a light pink colour filter for this shot! Super feminine & really brought out the pinks in the roses. If you follow Lauren Conrad on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed that all of her photos have a soft, pink overlay. I’m nearly 100% positive that these colour filters are how she achieves that look.

photo 2

Light blue! This colour filter gave the photo a soft look & totally highlighted my blonde hair.

Food photos: I’m a fan of the quintessential, “bird’s eye view” food shot. BUT if you’re going to commit to that shot, it has to be 100% directly above the food. None of this, 80 degree angle nonsense. Again… bright, natural lighting is best for this!


Group photos: it’s hard to escape your typical, “posed” group photo! So if you take a few group photos, always go for the laughing shot or a picture where the group has been caught off guard and it looks a bit more candid… candid’s are just always going to be more interesting, PERIOD! I’m the girl that constantly has her phone out, taking candid’s of friends, family, my boyfriend etc. They may complain at the time, but the photos are always so darn cute! 

Selfies: ahhhh the selfie… everyone’s favourite, secret obsession! And don’t lie, we know that you totally have hundreds of selfies on your phone .. destined never to see the light of day!!! I say embrace the selfie! I’m totally all for it & most definitely sprinkle a few selfies into the mix here & there! Here are my selfie & solo pic guidelines:

1. Blank walls are your very best friend. I love white walls or brick, but any blank canvass will do. It will create a cleaner, more crisp look & eliminates background “noise”. The obvious focus of your selfie should be you… not the contents of your room/car!


photo 1 (1)

2. The key is to switch it up & highlight different features or angles of your face. Ditch the standard selfie every once in a while & try something a little different.

photo 2 (1)

photo 2

3. The same rules apply for solo pics! “Blank” or interesting, yet simple, backgrounds work best. I also prefer photos that are more off-centre… it’s unexpected & makes the photo more interesting! 

brit white

photo (1)


FLOWERS: Because it’s valentine’s day this weekend!!! We are t-minus 6 days away from “love day” & I KNOW you’re going to want to Instagram those beautiful flowers you’ve been gifted! Here’s a few different options to spice up your flower pics…

photo 1

photo 3 (1)

photo 2

photo 1

Do you have any pic tips?!



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