Tips for Decorating a Small Condo for Thanksgiving

“I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage”

Erma Bombeck

There are many warranted concerns people have when transitioning into condo life; small living space, loud neighbors, high utility fees, & minimal storage are all GREAT examples of such completely warranted concerns. Being filled with sheer & utter dread that you won’t be able to decorate said “small living space” for the holidays? Yeah… not SO warranted! However this concern was legitimately at the very tip top of my list when Andrei & I signed the lease for our 600sq. foot condo in Toronto. I am obsessed with any & all holidays (although Halloween undoubtedly comes in at number one) & the mere thought that a perfectly carved Jack-O-Lantern or a neutral, rustic Christmas tree would not be within the realm of possibilities was just way too much disappointment to bear. No… this little scenario was simply NOT an option. I therefore made it my MISSION to find pieces that work in small spaces, yet still TOTALLY accomplished that nostalgic, holiday vibe I was so, so SO, craving! First up on the holiday list? Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Falling for Fall Condo Décor

Now to my utter shock & surprise, whilst hunting for condo appropriate Thanksgiving décor, I discovered that this task was actually WAY easier than initially anticipated! Why? Because it only takes just a few really great pieces to make a huge impact in such a small space! Which also means – this was a VERY cost-effective task too! MAJOR BONUS! Below are some of my new-found favourite ways to warm up the condo for Thanksgiving.


Okay so obviously! Pumpkins are of COURSE synonymous with the Fall & Thanksgiving season, so incorporating them into the condo décor scheme was a complete & utter no brainer! I opted for white ones because I find it easier & (personally) more aesthetically pleasing to work with neutrals in a condo! Plus the neutrals really fit in with the furniture & vibe we already have goin’ on –  I am a fan of holiday décor that works seamlessly with the original pieces in your home, over something bolder & more in your face. Hot Tip: Neutral decorations also tend to not overwhelm the small space of a condo – go with items that look like they were part of your original setup!

I purchased these small pumpkins from Michaelsthey have a GREAT “Two for One” special going on for Thanksgiving – & I placed them on our coffee table! I would imagine that these would also do well on kitchen counter space OR  your night table!

Rustic Wreaths

So I’ve always really admired home owners that hang wreaths for holidays besides Christmas, & now that I finally have my own space I was SO super excited to get one of those bad boys for my very own! Yes friends.. THIS is what excites me in life. Transitional Wreaths.

I opted for a white, rustic wood wreath (shocking… I know) because I thought it would be perfect to transition through the seasons! Ex. For Halloween, I’ll take off the bow & replace it with a bunch of creepy spiders etc etc etc.

I hung our wreath over our mirror! I tried to take as MUCH advantage of wall surface area as humanly possible so that it didn’t take away from our, already small living space. PS. This wreath & bow was ALSO from Michaels!

LOTS of Candles

To me, the holidays are simply not the holidays without curling up by a warm, cozy fireplace! Now seeing as how this is a tad bit impossible to do in a 600sq. foot condo, I had to get a bit creative on this one. Insert: an inordinate amount of candles! Like literally EVERYWHERE! On the coffee table, night stand, shelves etc. Essentially WHEREVER there is available flat surface… you likely find a candle in our home!!

This really helps warm the space & create a cozy, intimate atmosphere that screams “hibernation” – #LovesIt.

Now if you REALLY want to get into the Thanksgiving spirit of things, try THIS Apple tea candle holder! Note: the longevity of these things are NOT the best, so do not make these until you’re having guests over for “Friendsgiving” or the fam over for the real deal.

PS. I was recently in a store & stumbled upon these INSANELY adorable natural pumpkin candles made out of beeswax! They are BEYOND!

Chunky Throws

I’m a TOTAL blanket kinda gal, & as the weather begins to drop, & the seasons change, my obsession increases TENFOLD! Keeping in tune with the fall & thanksgiving theme, I swapped out lighter throws for chunkier knit ones! This particular knit throw was made with love by my adorable grandmother & the colour scheme she went with could not have been more “autumn”!

I had it tucked away during the summer months, however now that the weather is turning, I leave it out like this on the couch for added fall vibes in the condo!

To increase the cozy factor, I’ve also added more throws to our copper blanket holder & always have one at the bottom of our bed! This is a great way to increase the cozy feelings of fall without sacrificing ANY space in a small condo!

Swap Out Pillows

Start making little swaps of certain pieces throughout your space with decor that is more synonymous with fall. For example, I removed our blue & white, summery floral bed pillows and replaced them with these brown plaid ones! I also temporarily swapped out some of our picture frames with pressed autumn leaves! Remember… it’s ALL in the details, & a couple of these small changes can go a really long way in terms of making a huge impact! ESPECIALLY in a small condo!

What are some of your favourite ways to decorate for fall?!




  1. Kathy September 28, 2017 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    Your condo looks great and your arricle is amazing! Good job 🙂

  2. Frian Foster April 30, 2018 at 5:15 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your idea like about how to decorate a condo, this is very great and helps a lot for everyone! I also want to share my tips about to decorate your condo, check it at my profile.

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