Total Body Exercises for Everyone’s Exercise Bank

Post by: Jamie Fairbairn, Holistic Nutrition Student & National Level Waterskier

Hey guys! Summer is upon us and that means, it’s almost “beach body” season! I’m pretty amped to share 4 of my favourite, super cool exercises with you that I try to incorporate weekly into my own workout routine. They target almost the entire body and require very little equipment, so you can take these with you wherever you go! I love being able to have an “exercise bank” of go-to moves… and I hope you do too!

My 4 Favourite Exercises


1. Burpee Chin-Ups

Yes. Soak in the title. This combines a standard burpee (down– push up — jump up) with a chin-up/ pull-up, and repeat! I typically do 10-15 per set. If you’re not yet able to complete the chin-up, hang from that bar and squeeze with everything you’ve got! It’s a great goal to work towards!

These will target the tricepslatsgrip strengthleg muscles, abs and also are great for power and cardio.


2. Supermans/Superwomans


Anyone with a desk job can relate to the aches and pains of sitting all day. All movements are “forwards”; leaning forward, reaching forward, sticking your head forward… inching  closer and closer to that teensy screen. Superwomans help to balance these forward tendencies by working the back body!


A)  lie flat on your stomach, arms and legs extended in opposite directions
B) tuck the chin and look 1-3 hand lengths in front of the face
C) squeeze the bum, hamstrings, and pinch the shoulder blades together
D) lift the hands and feet off the floor at the same time by squeezing the back body and abs
E) rest down to the floor (or down hovering over the floor but not touching it for a more advanced movement) & repeat 20-30x each set

3. Hip Thrusters

These bad boys are great for gluteshamstrings, and tons of the stabilizer muscles in the ankles and abs. Start without any weight and gradually increase the weight by placing 1 dumbbell width-wise in the crease between your hip bones and upper leg to rest there throughout each set (when you use weights 30+lbs, put a yoga mat or other padding between your body and the weight for comfort)

A) on the ground, lie on your back and bend your knees up to bring the heels closer to the butt (hands at your side or gently stabilizing the weight). Keep your knees and heels hip-width apart
B) squeeze the gluteslow abs, and hamstrings to push the bum off the floor towards the ceiling
C) continue to squeeze as you let the bum come down to the floor to rest, and repeat 25-35x each set


4. Plank It Out


Now, don’t throw tomatoes or shady faces at your screens for my obvious lack of creativity on this one. Plank is just so important! It must be included! Want to break a sweat in under 3 minutes? Plank! Want to work your front and back core muscles to tighten and lift simultaneously? Plank! But please plank safely. Stop planking if you experience any discomfort in the low back and then ask a friend to look at your form to adjust accordingly.


Planking 101:
– always keep the chin tucked into the chest to avoid extending the neck
– squeeze that butt and those hamstrings!
– squeeze the shoulder blades together at the back body and envision a connecting line between your shoulder blades and your bum that you’re trying to make shorter
– experiment with feet together, feet apart, planking on elbows vs hands, lifting one leg and/or one arm, and side plank.


Happy Exercising!







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