Twelve Non-Cheesy Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day

For the first time in I think literally ever, Andrei & I are going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day… which I am just the MOST excited for. Full disclosure: I’m nearly positive that in the past I have been vehemently vocal in my disdain for restaurant culture on Valentine’s Day & have very much played into that “cool, guys’ girl” narrative of wanting to stay in, order pizza, drink beer & watch movies. TBH I was actually just lying profusely. I always felt an insane amount of jealousy toward those couples & their champagne & chocolates & flowers & fancy foods & now that I am finally going to be one of those couples I can happily, & thankfully drop the “cool, guys’ girl” facade. To the ladies who are still playing up this Valentine-induced front – if it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Keep on, keeping on.

Twelve Non-Cheesy Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day

Now that’s not to say that I don’t not LOVE me a good movie night in. Andrei & I will still likely enjoy a movie ourselves, apres-Valentine’s Dinner… just so long as it’s not a cheesy rom-com. Key word – CHEESY. I DO enjoy a fun, love story with more of an emphasis on the “com” – just not of the Hallmark Variety OR of the Nicholas Sparks variety. Dear John? The Notebook? Just not my style… I know, blasphemy & all that.

SO below are twelve non-cheesy movies to watch this Valentine’s Day! I tried to keep these movies in tune with all things love, marriage & everything in between – ENJOY!

My Bloody Valentine

This movie is deplorable but it in the best way possible. I actually do not mind cheesy scary movies which is exactly why THIS movie made it onto the list. Also – it’s literally an entire scary movie centred around Valentine’s Day – HAD to include it!

40 Year Old Virgin 

I mean anything with Steve Carell is obviously a win.

The Big Sick 

Probably the most realistic of “love stories” on this list. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster.

Crazy Rich Asians 

I really love this movie. I found it to be so hilarious & dare I say slightly better than the book. If you haven’t seen it, I implore you to do so!

Stranger Than Fiction 

Odd, quirky… & not your typical Will Farrell role – but it is so worth it! Definitely a unique love story.

IT Follows 

This is likely more of a… “romantic deterrent” than anything else. Very much more well-suited toward an anti-Valentine’s Day evening, but still appropriate nonetheless.

Enough Said

So I have not seen this movie, but my obsessession with both Seinfeld & The Sopranos has led me to believe that this movie is FANTASTIC! This is actually at the very tip top of my list to watch this year on Valentine’s Day!


Every single time I watch this movie I still find myself LOLing. If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, this movie is definitely a MUST.

Just Friends

I realize that this is more Christmas-centric but I truly LOVE this movie. Anna Farris is gold.

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

I couldn’t NOT. Two words: Princess Sophia.

The Conjuring

The ultimate love story. If a marriage can make it through possessed demons & hauntings.. it can make it through ANYTHING! Heart eyes.

Sweet Home Alabama

I think that probably every single person on the entire planet has day-dreamed of the Tiffany Engagement. Swoon!

What are some of YOUR favourite movies to watch on Valentine’s Day?



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