Wedding Diaries: 7 Months Out

“Wedding rings… the world’s smallest handcuffs”


How are we already at 7 months out? The stomach butterflies have begun fluttering at an insermountable rate, & it’s not because I’m counting down the miliseconds ’til I get to marry my best friend (if only that was the culprit)… it’s because I am so rittled with anxiety due to the fact that Andrei has yet to figure out where we are having our ceremony. Yes – we still do not know where we’re actually getting married 7 months out from our wedding day. Why? Our reception at the McMichael Art Gallery is a bit far from Andrei’s Church so we’ve had to look for churchs within the Kleinburg vicinity & because I know aboslutely NOTHING about the catholic religion I faithfully put Andrei in charge of this task…. 4 months ago. Now because I have absolutely exhausted all of my nagging & complaining & poking efforts within the privacy of our own condominium, I have decided to take this opportunity in a public forum to shame my husband-to-be into booking a ceremony space. Dearest Andrei, love of my life, apple of my eye & brightest star in my sky, if you value my sanity please will you figure it the HECK out because our save the dates go out next month.

Catering Tastings

This was SO much fun!!! We were both positively blown away with our catering tasting at Encore Catering! I am nearly positive that I’m still full from our experience & it was nearly five days ago. Encore Catering is so willing to truly make this day, & our menu, so unqiue & specific to Andrei & I. They are SO flexible & I can’t even begin to describe just how perfect the food is! We’re really trying to go for comfort, winter foods on our wedding day & Encore is just so in line & on board with everything we had suggested!

We are currently in the process of finalizing a few things, but I think that it’s safe to say that we’ve settled on our menu & that Encore Catering will be the company we end up going with. YAY! One more thing to check off of our list!

Booked Engagement Photos 

I’m pretty excited to take engagement photos with our wedding photographer Daniel Caruso! We’ve booked them for the fall so I’m REALLY hoping that Mother Nature decides to coperate & we get some stellar shots with those gorgeous Canadian fall colours. Daniel most definitely has his work cut out for him, because Andrei & I are really not the best at getting our photos taken. Literally as soon as any photographer says “act natural” we both immediately clam up a la Chandler & his smile on Friends. 

Good luck Daniel – you will definitely require it.

Decided on a Design for Save the Dates

I came up with a design for our Save the Date cards & I am in LOVE! It’s clean & simple, yet still manages to combine elements of an art gallery & winter forest at the same time! I’m PRETTY excited for them to go out! Just waiting on the church location so I can include it on there. *** cough, cough, Andrei ***

Figured out a Wedding Hashtag

Wait, this was actually so difficult & I invested way too much of my time into this friggin hashtag business – more than I care to admit. Hrusca is an incredibly tricky name to incorporate into a super fun & witty hashtag, so I was almost not going to go with a hashtag at all (gasps from the peanut gallery)… but then #HappilyEverHrusca popped into my mind & we both love it! Simple & also there is no one else that falls under this hashtag so go us!

Alright that’s all for now! See you next month?



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  1. Lora July 30, 2018 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    I’m relatively new here so you may have addressed this but if you are getting married in the Catholic Church have you done your pre-marriage Cana? If you’re only 7 months out from the wedding and haven’t done this Andrei needs to get cracking. Also, most Catholic churches recommend a minimum of 6 months as a registered parishioner in that particular parish before they will marry you. I don’t mean t add any potential stress but as someone who is a cradle Catholic and been mRried in e Church I wanted to let you know.

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