Wedding Diaries; Four Months Out

These past few weeks have been SO MUCH FREAKIN’ FUN! If every weekend leading up to the wedding involved all of my closest friends & family gathering around to shower ME with attention, affection & gifts all the while telling me how fabulous/great I am, I would be TOTALLY okay with that. My self-esteem has seriously never been more inflated. BTW – in case it wasn’t abundantly clear already – I have now entered the “bridal shower” phase of the wedding extravaganza process! So THIS wedding recap will be all about my very FIRST bridal shower… along with making the wedding centrepieces, sending out save the dates & so much MORE! 

Made Our Wedding Centrepieces 

My dad, mom & I made our wedding centrepieces over Thanksgiving weekend! I was initially so incredibly skeptical on taking the whole DIY route for something as integral as our wedding centrepieces but I’m happy to report that everything went swimmingly. Just say a little prayer for us because we need these bad boys to last through winter & I’m not entirely sure how sealent works exactly.

What I love MOST about these centrepieces is that they’re made from logs around our cottage! Actually pretty much every piece of our table decor (aside from flowers) will be elements/pieces that we found around our property up north. It’s nice that I get to incorporate a little bit of Haliburton into our wedding day! It’s also nice that this will save me a crap ton of money.

Attended My First Bridal Shower!!! 

OMG my friend & bridesmaid Jaymi did a freakin’ fantastic job hosting my bridal shower! It was a honeymoon shower so the theme was Greece… because we’re honeymooning in Santorini, Greece! She had the event catered with this insanely delicious Greek food, incorporated all of this beautiful Greek themed decor – including a handmade PHOTO WALL which was so much fun – & added all of these really wonderful personal touches & games that just made the day feel SO incredibly special!

Had my First Dress Fitting

I was actually terrified that I was going to hate my dress at my first fitting. It had been around nine months since I last saw my dress & for some reason I kept envisioning that I had picked out a complete & utter monstrosity. THANKFULLY I still LOVE the dress which is a major relief. I even ordered a dress size down & I’m happy to report that spin class & eating a steady stream of chicken & broccoli has in fact paid off. Now I just have to ensure that Christmas does not ruin everything…. I’m lookin’ at you eggnog. 

Mailed Out Save the Dates

I had been procrastinating this forEVER! Primarily because I value the structural integrity of my finger tendons… if you’ve ever hand addresssed over one hundred save-the-dates you know what I mean. Believe it or not, we still haven’t fully finished mailing these out. We ran out of Save the Dates & envelopes & we literally JUST printed off more. So my job this evening is finshing those off so I can officially cross this task off the list.

Until next month!



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  1. Norma Linton November 24, 2018 at 3:35 pm - Reply

    Beautiful Brit, what a great post.

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