Wedding Diaries; Two Months Out

“My wife & I were happy for twenty years. Then we met”


Two months… that is BEYOND insane to me. I am at this very weird stage where I feel like we’ve ticked off all of the major wedding planning “to-dos” yet I still feel like there are one million things left undone. I’ve very recently begun experiencing these super vivid nightmares where all of our guests unabashedly wedding-shame us into oblivian. Their reasons vary from over-cooked beef to mediocre playlists to neglecting to send out our wedding invitations altogether. All valid issues tbh. Fictitious… but valid. I’m acutally just SUPER excited for the day to finally be here so that we can be done with all of this planning nonsense & just enjoy ourselves – also so that we can be husband & wife because DUH.

Today’s Wedding Recap is a bit of a blur! I haven’t done one in a couple of months so my memory is a bit foggy when it comes to nailing down a specific timeline – I just realized that I haven’t even recapped my Hallowen High-Tea Bridal Shower yet!! I’m also working off of 4 hours of sleep – courtesy of wedding stress so please bare with me. SO without further ado… here’s everything we’ve been up to over the past two months!!!! (I think…).

Halloween High Tea For The Bride To Be

My cousins & aunts seriously went BIG for my bridal shower! They went full on Martha Stewart & transformed The King Edward Hotel into a Halloween paradise that melted my black heart. I seriously started crying when I walked into the Tea Room – they nailed the Halloween theme to a “tea”… pun intended. Witch fascinators, pumpkin floral centrepieces, bat placecards, severed finger cookies, skeleton ginngerbread men, horror movie trivia – I mean they couldn’t have done a better job if they tried! I’m getting giddy just WRITING about it.

In fact both of my Bridal Showers have actually made me question my own skills as a previous Maid of Honour. If anything it’s made me realize that I didn’t do nearly enough when I was MOH because WOW… all of these ladies truly did an incredible job. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS AMAZINGNESS?!?!

Hosted a Bridesmaid Get Together

Before the hustle & bustle of the holidays I wanted to have my bridesmaids over as a bit of a “thank-you” for my bridal showers! Also I wanted to nail down any tasks that still needed to be fleshed out.

Two members of my bridal party are actually already married which has been incredibly helpful! It’s tough planning a wedding because – stating the obvious -you’ve likely NEVER planned one before & all of a sudden you’re responsible for providing food, booze & entertainment for 100+ people over a span of eight hours. Not an easy task…

Their expertise have been VERY much appreciated to say the least.

Hunkered Down with Andrei & Crossed Off Our “To-Do” List

Andrei & I picked a weekend in late November & crossed a GOOD majority of items off of our wedding “to-do” list. We seriously did nothing but wedding plan all weekend & it was SO necessary. We booked our DJ, guitarist, ordered favours, decor items, planned out designs etc. etc. etc. I have a feeling that another one of these weekends is in order but it REALLY helped to create a clear picture of what our “day” is going to look like.

Booked Our “Mini-moon”

Andrei & I won’t be going on our actual Honeymoon until May, but we still wanted to do a bit of a gettaway right after our wedding day… a “Mini-moon” if you will.

We decided on Florida because it’s where we got engaged – romantic, right? – but also mostly because my parents have a condo down there so we have a free place to stay. Not nearly as romantic, but practical AF. I am MOST looking forward to heading to Universal Studios with Andrei! He has NEVER been so I seriously cannot WAIT to go on all of the rides with him… Also to wear wizard cloaks & sip on butterbeer at Harry Potter land. BEST MINIMOON EVER.

Okay! That is all of the energy (& time) I have for this recap. Until next month…



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